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Big time gamer turned developer. Looking forward to making more games to inspire and entertain.

Hossein Shah

CEO & Founder, Developer, Designer, Coffee maker


3D Modeler, Illustrator, Developer, Gamer, Streamer


Here are the games I have already made.


A popular Iranian card game. Made for Android.

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XMAS Nightmare

A basic single-player top-down shooter. Based on a Unity sample.

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Mr X

My upcoming puzzle game with an engaging back story.

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Current Game: Mr X?

I'm currently working on a not-yet-named puzzle game for Android and iOS. Follow my instagram and Medium pages to see the behind the scenes and get updates on its release date. Here is a sneak peek of a tutorial level showing Mr X in person!

You are undergoing lab tests so that the "experimenters" assess your intelligence. Can you solve an extensive set of progressively harder puzzles? Can you prove you are "intelligent"? Fortunately you are not alone in the lab. Mr X is there to help you and keep you entertained as you solve the puzzles. He may even provide you with hints through the telecom.

How you ended up in the lab with this strange yet lovely scientist? You'll figure out as you play the game!

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Interested in my upcoming game? Passionate about vidoe games and game development? Follow me on medium and instagram. Have relevant background in game development and want to colaborate with me on the game? Send me an email :) I'm specifically looking for illustrators and 3D modelers.