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Gamer / Software Engineer turned Game Developer. Founder and the only member of my game studio. I'm currently developing mobile / web games. Have look around to find out more about me and my games.

Hossein Shah

CEO & Founder, Developer, Designer, Coffee maker


Here are some games I've made. Click on each one to learn more. All the games are free to play. Let me know what you think!


A popular Iranian card game. Made for Android.

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The Quarantine

My submission for the Quarantine Game Jam. Made in 24 hours!

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Mr X

An upcoming puzzle game with an engaging back story.

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Slime Volleyball

Classic Slime remade in Unity. Supports Neural AI and Two player.

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Pigeon POOlitics

Pooping pigeons and polititians. 2020 election was truly special.

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As I work on different games and projects, I write about the interesting technical problems that I encounter. Check out my dev blog on Medium!

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Interested in my upcoming game? Passionate about vidoe games and game development? Follow me on medium and instagram. Have relevant background in game development and want to colaborate with me on the game? Send me an email :) I'm specifically looking for illustrators and 3D modelers.